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The word Merkaba is a Hebrew word and is associated with the Hebrew Bible text from Ezekiel 1.4-26. While the word itself may not appear explicitly, the word chariot appears numerous times and Merkaba means chariot.

The term Merkabah (also known as Merkavah) actually relates to the chariot of the throne of God in Ezekiel's vision. Scholars say that the throne or chariot isn’t to be taken literally but more refers to how god and his archangels are revealed in this world.


The word Merkaba is actually believed to be an Egyptian word (broken down into the three parts of Mer, Ka, and Ba). As you can see, the Merkaba has both religious and spiritual connotations attached to it. But as the Chaddissic Jewish people believe that the Merkaba is a symbol of contemplating how to be a better person, this is something that flows into the beauty of spirituality and shares weight with the ideas behind sacred geometry too.

My canvas designs are directly printed onto the canvas using HP Latex printers with Latex inks. Inks are pigmented and water-based. The inks are non-hazardous, non-toxic, non-flammable inks that reduce a variety of environmental, health, and safety concerns. Inks are UL certified, GREENGUARD GOLD based on the high air quality standards used for hospitals and schools.

.: Cotton and polyester canvas 
.: Black pinewood frame
.: Made from sustainably sourced materials
.: Sawtooth hanging hardware included

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